Pivotal Advice

We have 20 years’ experience working at C-suite level leading a variety of different functions. With our experience, we can provide the right advice and support to help you manage the difficult projects and curve balls that businesses face.

When can Advice be needed:
• You might not know what to do or where to go: We can be a sounding board.
• You may not have the depth of skills for the current challenge or you might need a specialist skill to get through it, or you recognise a lack of bandwidth to tackle the project effectively: We can provide you with a safe, seasoned pair of hands.
• You are too ‘in the business’ and can’t get the necessary objectivity: We provide independent assessment to help address those concerns.
• You are not able to get to the root cause of an issue: We can go in and do the necessary deep dives to get to the root cause.
• You get a curve ball or an unexpected project: we can help.