“A good coach will make his players see what they can become rather than what they are.” (Ara Parseghian)

The more senior people become, the more specialist support they need to recognize and address their blind spots. Senior leaders also require the opportunity to download and discuss their own challenges in a confidential, safe and objective environment.

Senior Executives: ask yourself;

• Who really challenges you?
• When was the last time you had a deep, meaningful conversation about you?
• Who has the courage to challenge you?
• Are you as good as you can be?
• Are you where you want to be?
• Who supports you?
• Do you have the time/space to think?

The role of a coach is to be a mirror, an alternative perspective, a challenger, a support and a connector of the dots. The goal of coaching is to help you find clarity of your own path and to help you be the best that you can be.

My coaching journey with Jayne has been truly transformational. Over the course of the last year we’ve done some incredible work together, from understanding the journey that got me here, through to unpacking what I do and why I do it to really identify the obstacles (and importantly, how to clear them) that will help me get to where I want to go. Jayne has been right there by my side through that journey, providing me support and guidance to navigate tough situations, helping me identify solutions that would work for me, and most importantly, helping me to know and understand myself far better than I would have if I’d not had such a warm and knowledgeable guide by my side for that journey. Thank you, Jayne!” – Pivotal Coaching Client