Pivotal Sisters

Diversity is recognised as key to the success of any organisation. Gender diversity at entry level tends not to be an issue and while there has been some success at getting women into middle management roles, there continues to be a huge gap for women at Senior Management, Executive and Board levels.

Organisations we work with are still struggling to bring enough women through to senior roles. The glass ceiling stopping women from progressing is often not only the organisation they work for but (and perhaps more importantly), it can also be the women themselves who are restricting their achievement with self-limiting inner dialogue and unconscious biases.

As a result, we have developed a 12-month program that unlocks these unconscious barriers and helps women to realise their full potential.

This program also provides participants with a very strong support network of like-minded, high-achieving women.

We want to reveal the un-tapped potential of women in leadership roles because we believe in the power of diversity at senior levels and the tangible value it delivers to organisations.

In 30 years of corporate training and development programs, I have never experienced a positive transformational program like this” – Pivotal Sister working in an Australian big four bank.

I feel as if you have handed me the keys to the kingdom – I am strangely but totally at peace now with the learning being from the journey, instead of jostling to prove, prove, prove with outcomes required NOW!!! Not even frustrated anymore with the different characters as I’ve come to realise they’ll be everywhere, in every business” – Pivotal Sister working in the Australian Property Industry