Pivotal TEAMS

We are passionate about teams. High Performing Teams.

The question is, what makes a high performing team?

One that consistently outperforms and embodies deep trust, respect, challenge and fun.

If you have ever been part of a team like this, you know how good it feels. And it is likely you don’t want anything less.

Senior teams are not for the faint hearted. They have seen everything. They get bored easily. If you do not keep their interest, you are out. Much like being voted off the tribe.

Teams come in all shapes and sizes. Part of our process is assessing teams to understand how much potential they have.
‘A’ teams are rare and once you experience one in your professional life, it becomes your benchmark and you don’t want to accept anything less.
‘B’ teams are the silver medal of teams. A great team that will do amazing things, but with not quite the X-factor that the A Team has.
‘C’ teams are functioning teams that deliver; but collaboration is not in their foundation.
‘D’ teams are where it all starts turning sour.
‘E’ teams are also rare (thank goodness), as the complete lack of performance and a toxic culture means they implode.

Once assessed, we work with teams over a 12 – 18-month timeframe on a bespoke program designed to remove the roadblocks and build capacity. At this point transformation is possible.

We believe that what we do makes teams change, for the better.